Friday, July 26, 2013

Why Tupperware? Isn't it just plastic crap?

Why Tupperware?

I love Tupperware because it is a quality product. Enough said. After 65 years, Tupperware is an international sales beast & cannot be rivaled!

Maybe I love it for versatility? My Stack Cooker makes corn on the cob in 10 min, my steamer will make sliders or veggies, or both, my 16oz tumblers are not only big kid cups (sippy cup lids fit them), but they hold my frozen cookie dough - cause really, who wants to be baking cookies for 2 hrs?

I love Tupperware because I get 25-35% off anything I order (membership has its privileges - just ask!).

I love Tupperware because I can stay at home with my 3 yr old twins & still contribute to the family.

I love Tupperware for the gadgets - from the pasta cooker, to breakfast maker, to the pool friendly plastic wine glasses...

enough said...

well, there maybe not... they have great sales - like this one - Ends July 26th - email me at if you want to score these great deals!

Do you want to redesign your pantry at wholesale prices with quality products with a lifetime warranty? Just Ask!

Do you want to save time & money by cooking healthy meals for your family? Just Ask!

I love my job, my team & everyone I have met thru Tupperware! Let me share this experience with you!!

I am going to get back to my recipes & sharing what I love with all of you! Thank you for your patience during my hiatus!