Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lunch Savers to the Rescue!

Back to School Lunch Savers!!

Tumblers with flip top lids - $17 - perfect liquid tight lids keep everything in! You can even freeze in them! 

Tupper Minis - $7 - nuts, salad toppings, ranch or honey mustard dressings/dips, extra coins for milk, & more! 

Sandwich keepers - $20 - lunch meat, cheese slices, snacks for the park (won't lose the lid)! 

Super Snackers - $11 - 4 oz snack cups for all your munchies, plus hair ties, Barbie accessories...

WOW Wonder Bowls! $20 - 3 cup bowls w/ lids for cereal, salad, & desserts! 

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tupperware Modular Mates! SALE!!

Tupperware Modular Mates! 

Ok, I love a great sale! Tupperware is offering up my favorite modular mates for a limited time! These happen to be the first pieces of Tupperware I actually bought when I was in Alaska! WOO HOO Tupperware Party! 

The Modular Mate Super Ovals are so sleek & fit your pantry shelf. I personally invested in the flip top lid & use them for our cereal. With 4 yr old twins, you never know if Grace will want her Fruit Loops or Josey will want Daddy's cereal (Golden Grahams). I know when I need to go to the store & stock back up! I also have them stocked with the different pastas I pick up on sale and rice. Oh, and protein shake mix, and oatmeal, and dry milk... Ok, I love them, I use them, a lot! 

Super Ovals come in 5 sizes - and your choice of red or black lids
1 - 3 1/2c
2 - 7 1/2c
3 - 11 3/4c
4 - 16 1/2c
5 - 20 1/3c 

The Modular Mate Rectangles are also a favorite! I have one filled with first aid supplies (perfect for under the van seat, one with the granola bars and peanut butter crackers from Sam's Club, and Legos, lots of Legos! They do come in 4 sizes. 

1 - 8 1/2c
2 - 18c
3 - 27 1/2c
4 - 37c

You will want to get the size 1 - it is perfect for those pesky Oreos... but purchase 2 of them... One is for the pantry Oreos, and the second is for Mommy's Oreos (hiding place will not be mentioned!). I also use the #4 for my flour. I love to bake so I am constantly buying flour in bulk. 

Did you know that the US military will only allow Tupperware to be used when relocating the families? That is because of the seal which will not allow any bugs, critters or whatever to get into the food. 

I do have a great guideline for your modular mates & how much they hold so you can email me at & just ask! 

Want more great deals? How about our matching seasoning containers? Purchase the large set (each are 1c capacity) and get the small set (1/2c capacity) for FREE! 

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tupperware Trio is on Sale!

Tupperware Trio! 

It is back to school time - you need breakfast, lunch & dinner fast! Why not try our Tupperware Trio - it is the breakfast maker, the mini rice cooker & pasta maker for just $35!! That is a savings of $31! 

Breakfast maker:
Do you love omelets? Egg sandwiches? Egg cordon bleu? These are my favorite foods to cook in my breakfast maker. 2 eggs, dash of water & 2 minutes in the microwave! Since my son is an egg fanatic, this is a quick way to make his breakfast. Perfect for the college dorm room or small apartment.

Here is a quick youtube video showing just how easy it is! 

Mini Rice Cooker:
This is perfect for the single serving of rice! Why make a huge batch of rice that will just get tossed when you can make the perfect amount! I remember having rice and raisins as a child. Just add a handful of raisins when you are cooking your rice, add some milk & sugar & voila, you have an easy tasty treat! 

Pasta Maker:
This is the product I use almost as much as I use the SmartSteamer! WHY? Well, why wait for water to boil over, just to have it boil over & then be overcooked? The pasta maker is so simple. Add pasta (up to a pound), then add water, I personally use a handful of table salt also to season the pasta (try it, you might like it!). Place in the microwave without the lid. 9 minutes for elbow macaroni, or 14 min for your bow tie or other specialty pasta. BEEP BEEP goes the microwave, remove from microwave & cover with lid for easy safe water draining! 

Here is a video for the pasta maker! 

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tupperware has LUNCH Sets!! Stock Up Now!

I am just back from our annual Tupperware Jubilee & Super excited about how Tupperware gives empowerment to its consultants! I heard so many touching stories about how ladies & gents have turned their life around with the Tupperware experience! I have a special SAY YES gift if you want to earn some Holiday Cash - Just ask! 

But now!! It is time for LUNCH SAVINGS! Our Mid August brochure just opened & our classics are on sale! 

It is all about saving money when you take your lunch! Tumblers, sandwich keepers, bowls & more! All items are sold in sets of 5 coordinating colors, but when you purchase all 5 sets for $75, I will give you 2 matching Crystalwave soup mugs! 

Now - there's MORE!!! 
How about some Mickey & Minnie Action!

Our Modular Mates are also on a quick sale! 
Stock up now! Perfect Christmas gift to stuff with those homemade cookies & candies, homemade cocoa, & puppy chow! What is your favorite holiday snack!?