Thursday, April 26, 2012

Freezer Meals from Tastefully Simple

Here I am with more info on freezer meals - I sell Tastefully Simple on the side. I love love love their beer bread, their garlic garlic & for someone who doesn't like onions, their onion onion... They have started a great new dinner collection- see blurb below...

Tastefully Simple Tonight Collection Weeknight meals have never been easier!
•With our new collection, you can make 10 meals in 20 minutes or less – all for under $2.50 per serving.
•Plus, you’ll receive BONUS freezer labels and a menu planner, featuring these delicious recipes! Recipes include: Fiesta Meatballs, Pesto pasta sauce, & Savory Grilled Chicken - plus more!!
Msg me if you want more info on this great package $59.99, plus I pay the shipping!! :D

So, want more freezer meals - host a freezer meal party. Your friends come & sample some of the great TS items & we put together some meals for the freezer. I provide the menus, the grocery lists, & almost everything except for the groceries. Different meal plans are available due to the wonderful TS group that I am part of. 

Now, onto making some granola bars. 

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