Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tupperware Trends

Tupperware has brought out some great new products for our Fall catalog! While at our national rally in Orlando, I was privileged to bring home a brand new Grater Master Shredder!

Remember the old salad master from years ago? This is the newest version of it. It will grate (fine or coarse) cheeses- soft or hard, almonds & other nuts, chocolate, and pretty much anything. 

The base suction cups down to your counter for non slip security. Add your chunk of cheese & grind away. 

Have you ever seen the article about the little white powder on your shredded cheese from the grocery store? Wood pulp cellulose... yep, just a filler to make it not stick... Instead, you can grate a whole block in one of our Thatsa bowls, add about a Tablespoon of cornstarch and mix well. You have created your own non sticking shredded cheese that you can freeze in smaller containers! Why waste money & have additives in your food? 

Who loves hash browns & not the cost of the frozen ones. Make your own hash browns. One of the biggest problems with homemade hash browns is getting all the moisture off of them. We watched the Tupperware chef use one of our microfiber towels to squeeze/soak up all the moisture from the potatoes. Worried about the brown oxidization stain on the towel afterwards? Just rinse! How easy is that! 

So this pairs up nicely with my Fusion Master which chops up my ham for breakfast burritos. I will now not have to buy hash browns for them! WOO HOO! 

This has just gone on sale for $99. Contact me or order now thru my website at You will be able to accessorize your Grater Master with the Fusion Master attachment & the Juice Master too. And we have to accessorize, right!

Here is a youtube video from the Nordic Tupperware line. We don't have all 4 graters, just the fine & coarse, but you can see how easy it is to work! 

Have a wonderful week! 

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