Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lunch Savers to the Rescue!

Back to School Lunch Savers!!

Tumblers with flip top lids - $17 - perfect liquid tight lids keep everything in! You can even freeze in them! 

Tupper Minis - $7 - nuts, salad toppings, ranch or honey mustard dressings/dips, extra coins for milk, & more! 

Sandwich keepers - $20 - lunch meat, cheese slices, snacks for the park (won't lose the lid)! 

Super Snackers - $11 - 4 oz snack cups for all your munchies, plus hair ties, Barbie accessories...

WOW Wonder Bowls! $20 - 3 cup bowls w/ lids for cereal, salad, & desserts! 

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