Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Cookbook

Happy Mother's Day to all my mothering friends & family! My Mother's Day was pretty good since I now have a clean van and a new cookbook - Ree Drummond's The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Why do I like this cookbook - prolly most because it is from a country girl! She lives on a ranch, they have cattle, they work cattle (just like my childhood), they know what jumping hay bales is all about, and so much more. I love the pics of her life & family. Makes me so jealous since I am now in town.

Ok, I am in purging mode, so getting a new cookbook & a shelf for my Stampin Up obsession, I mean, biz, were not in the stars until late last week. I even had a great garage sale (anyone need baby clothes 9m to 24m in boys & girls?). I found Ree's website thru Pinterest (surprise)! I had scored a coffee concentrate pin & it went to her website. I love the recipes, I love the down home goodness her blog is all about.

So, my natural hoarding senses called for me to get her cookbook - but which one. I told Cooper he could get both of them & one could go to my SIL. Once I got them in my hand - OMG! Love the recipes, love the pics & comments to the audience. So, yes, I did let one out of my hands for Liz. I am scouring the first cookbook to see what I want to make first. I will be getting the second one soon - prolly need a Memorial Day present, or maybe Cooper needs it for his Father's Day gift - he will receive the good produced from the cookbook, right? :D

As I said - the coffee concentrate caught me by surprise - what a novel idea. 1 lb coffee grounds & 8 qts water, let sit 12-24 hours (that was a long 12 hrs), then strain thru cheesecloth.... alot of cheesecloth... Did I mention save the coffee grounds, add to water in a 5 gal bucket & you have fertilizer for your garden? It made alot of concentrate. I will be taking a jug to Angela this weekend. But so yummy when added to my Tastefully Simple mocha frappe mix & blended w/ ice. I sure need to start taking pics & posting...

Ok, coffee concentrate, check. Next up - Crash Hot Potatoes. Red potatoes, boiled & then placed on cookie sheet w/ olive oil on it. Crush them on the cookie sheet with a potato masher. Drizzle more olive oil, sprinkle with Tastefully Simple Season Salt, Onion Onion & Garlic Garlic. Bake 20-25 min till golden brown at 450 degrees.

Well, in addition to making that for dinner, I had time to get my garage sale dvd shelf put into the closet & get my stamps put up, catch up on some tv, and work on this blog! Kids are really tired today. They have been down for three & half hours right now... Well, time to get dinner going - Will work on my closet shelf later tonight.


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