Sunday, May 13, 2012

Stampin Up Stamp Storage

This will be fairly short since I am already in bed, without contacts & can barely see the computer screen - Saturday morning I had planned on going garage sale'ing. Then when the alarm went off, nevermind, I am staying in bed. Then I got up, fixed breakfast for the fam & realized I wanted out of the house. So, I found a moving sale and scored this nice little dvd stand. Lots of adjustable shelves! So after a quick lowering of the price, I had to make room for it in the van. I wasn't smart enough to take out the in line double stroller, let alone the double wide jogging stroller. Quick pulling out of the car seat, pushing seat forward, whew, it was in! Granted at the next yard sale I found a bike for my nephew & had to rearrange a bit more....

So here it is, yes, hidden in my closet, but who needs hanging space for clothes anyways!

I would be working on my stamp cataloging system, but alas, the cherries are ripe & I need to go pick some! Road trip for us to my Dad's farm! I love road trips - it means quickly load up kids w/ their milk cups, run to McD's for egg mcmuffin (my treat) and pancakes for them. My kids are weird & haven't discovered the true love for syrup yet.

Happy Stampin!


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