Monday, November 19, 2012

Who wants to pay full price?

I am a direct sales addict. If I can get a discount, I will sign up. Why? 


Each company offers different perks with their products. Some have ALOT of things I love, others just a couple things I am addicted to. 

Who belongs to a Sam's Club or other discount warehouse program? You signed up because you can pay $2.75 for a gal of whole milk instead of $4.20 at the local grocery store. 

Black Friday is the holiest of days to go shopping in the US. You battle lines, other folks, & hope that you get a single product for a HUGE discount. I am going to offer up my direct sales products at a huge discount (as much as I can offer) to you on Black Friday. 

This means Tupperware will have various discounts through out the day. 

12am - 3am :  25% off

3:01am - 6am:   20% off

6:01am - 9am:    15% off

9:01am - 12pm:  10% off

12pm to 12am: Free shipping

Saturday, Sunday & Monday - I will pay your tax

This is the IMPORTANT info: 

Orders must be placed thru me- you must email me at You can create your wish list from any email it to me. The time stamp on the email will determine your discount. 

Orders can be shipped to US only. 

You MUST PROVIDE your order, single shipping address, and phone number. I will call you for your credit card info. 


All Day Special:

Set of 4 Forget Me Not Onion Keepers for $10

$50 orders receive add on TW Can Opener for $16 (save $5)

$100 orders receive Free Spatula!

First 10 orders receive free Citrus Peeler

You can check out more info from my direct sales friends on my Facebook page -

Happy Shopping! 

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