Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tupperware Reduces Prices!

Tupperware has reduced prices on 
29 favorite items! 

Ok, these pics may be a bit small - so email me at homemadebybillie@gmail.com and I will send you the pdf. 

I want to showcase 1 particular item right now- 
The Healthy Salad on the Go kit

This kit is your salad bow, your fork, & your midget for salad dressing. It retails in our current catalog for $25. It is in our Mid April flyer for $15 
BUT WAIT! There's more!
They reduced the sale price to $12!!! 

And since these are perfect for grads, Mother's Day gifts & how about that birthday coming up? I won't even say how great these would be for Christmas Stocking stuffers! 

So, if you contact me about ordering 3 of these beauties by April 26th, I will give you one for FREE! 
Standard shipping & tax do apply, but they will be shipped to your home! 

What a deal Tupperware!! 

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