Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tupperware has LUNCH Sets!! Stock Up Now!

I am just back from our annual Tupperware Jubilee & Super excited about how Tupperware gives empowerment to its consultants! I heard so many touching stories about how ladies & gents have turned their life around with the Tupperware experience! I have a special SAY YES gift if you want to earn some Holiday Cash - Just ask! 

But now!! It is time for LUNCH SAVINGS! Our Mid August brochure just opened & our classics are on sale! 

It is all about saving money when you take your lunch! Tumblers, sandwich keepers, bowls & more! All items are sold in sets of 5 coordinating colors, but when you purchase all 5 sets for $75, I will give you 2 matching Crystalwave soup mugs! 

Now - there's MORE!!! 
How about some Mickey & Minnie Action!

Our Modular Mates are also on a quick sale! 
Stock up now! Perfect Christmas gift to stuff with those homemade cookies & candies, homemade cocoa, & puppy chow! What is your favorite holiday snack!?

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