Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tupperware Trio is on Sale!

Tupperware Trio! 

It is back to school time - you need breakfast, lunch & dinner fast! Why not try our Tupperware Trio - it is the breakfast maker, the mini rice cooker & pasta maker for just $35!! That is a savings of $31! 

Breakfast maker:
Do you love omelets? Egg sandwiches? Egg cordon bleu? These are my favorite foods to cook in my breakfast maker. 2 eggs, dash of water & 2 minutes in the microwave! Since my son is an egg fanatic, this is a quick way to make his breakfast. Perfect for the college dorm room or small apartment.

Here is a quick youtube video showing just how easy it is! 

Mini Rice Cooker:
This is perfect for the single serving of rice! Why make a huge batch of rice that will just get tossed when you can make the perfect amount! I remember having rice and raisins as a child. Just add a handful of raisins when you are cooking your rice, add some milk & sugar & voila, you have an easy tasty treat! 

Pasta Maker:
This is the product I use almost as much as I use the SmartSteamer! WHY? Well, why wait for water to boil over, just to have it boil over & then be overcooked? The pasta maker is so simple. Add pasta (up to a pound), then add water, I personally use a handful of table salt also to season the pasta (try it, you might like it!). Place in the microwave without the lid. 9 minutes for elbow macaroni, or 14 min for your bow tie or other specialty pasta. BEEP BEEP goes the microwave, remove from microwave & cover with lid for easy safe water draining! 

Here is a video for the pasta maker! 

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