Saturday, October 6, 2012

24 Hour Sale!!! 12pm to 12 pm Oct 9 & 10

~~~~~~~~Wild and crazy 24 hour sale~~~~~~~~~~~

Yes I am crazy! You should know that by now!

There will be discounts, specials, and FREE Stuff all day long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noon-3PM Free Shipping
3:01-6PM Free Tax
6:01-9PM Free Measuring Cups ($50 min. order)
9:01-11:59PM Free Soup Mug (50 min. order)
Midnight -3AM-25% off your entire order
3:01-6AM 20% off your entire order
6:01-9AM 15% off your entire order
9:01-NOON 10% off your entire order

Spend $50 and get the Can Opener for only $17
Spend $75 and get the Impressions Classic Bowl Set for only $22

Book a party in October and receive a $25 Gift Certificate to use
AT YOUR PARTY !!!!!!!!!
Book A party in November and receive a $15 Gift Certificate to use
AT YOUR PARTY !!!!!!!!!
Search products via on line catalog at I will even honor the online exclusive items! The time stamp on your email or voicemail/text will determine what special you will receive! I prefer email - I don't always get to answer my phone. 

To be eligible for the specials, please do not submit an order on line! Cannot be combined w/ open party.
All orders must come directly through me...........

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