Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pink Tupperware Ends on Friday!!

The month is coming to an end & so does the awesome pink products that Tupperware has given us this month! As I will be out of town, I won't be able to prepare your order, but please go to my website at & get those last few pink Tupperware items you crave!!

I want to say - those 4 pink bowls w/ lids come in an 8 bowl set for $79. That is $10 per bowl & lid. How easy of a Christmas gift would that be to your friends & co-workers who you will already be giving cookies & candy to in a cheapo holiday tin or container? This Tupperware has a LIFETIME WARRANTY! Yes it is more expensive than the other brands you can find at Walmart, but Walmart won't replace it when it fails you 1 yr, 3 yrs, or 20 years later!

Do the Math -
My Blue Insulated Cup - (discontinued, but I have some in stock)
Age: 10 yrs
Price paid: prolly $18-20 then
How often do I use it: Every day until I purchased my 2nd one, and now every other day
Price per Year? $1.80 -$2.
How much do you spend at Sonic for a Route 44 drink w/ "reusable" (ha ha) cup? $2.37

Just a thought when you think about the price you will pay for a gift during the holidays. No warranty card to keep & store, & lose later. Just contact Tupperware or a Tupperware Rep & we will be happy to help you!
Here are some of the other awesome Pink Products available thru FRIDAY - October 26th.

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