Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's All About You!! Tell Me More!

So, after 3 months of recipes & promos - I want to hear from my readers.

Where are you from?

What is your fav cookbook or website to get recipes?

Do you even like to cook?

Fav kitchen gadget??

Fav Recipe that you would love to email me & I would LOVE to post it for you?

Are you a subscriber?

Ok, not all have to be answered - but feel free to share!

I will go first - Free piece of TW or CH Candle will be randomly given when we have 15+ comments!

1) I am from Northern Missouri. Farm raised & have been cooking since 4-H days

2) Fav Cookbook - this one is hard - I have many - 2 oldest are my 1st & 2nd edition of the Taste of Home Cookbooks - next is my Pillsbury Baking Cookbook (got it in college), newest favs are Ree Drumond & Crockin Girls

3) LOVE to cook -somedays....

4) Fav kitchen gadget - ooohhh a toughie - bet you think I will say bean pot or tupperware something - Nope, it is my Ninja food processor. Old version from Sam's Club. I use it EVERY day - could be for a frappachino or could be for grated carrots... Literally every day...

5) - well, I am working on putting all my favs on here. I will keep up the hard work...

WHO IS NEXT?? :D Contest ends on Sunday night 8pm. sharp. ha ha!

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