Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Round Steak & Gravy

My posts are lagging, I know. My hubs & I are sleep training our kids into their toddler beds. They are getting better, however that means less time at nap & after bed for me to post, do laundry, pick up the house, and basically watch any tv at all (I got 30 min last night - so unfair!).... All I can say is THANK YOU DVR!!

We also had a death in the family which has bogged down my gumption. Then you add all the trials & errands of normal life... and I know I am now like every other mother in the world!

I hadn't made round steak in ages & I grabbed a package impulsively last weekend. Since I didn't better prepare my meal, it was fried w/ a light flour breading in olive oil. I did try to make gravy & since my gravy is hit & miss - this one was a hit!! YUMMY!

Easy Round Steak & Gravy

4 pieces round steak, these were tenderized
1/4c flour
season salt & pepper to taste - oh how I miss Homemade Gourmet's Pepper Pzazz
Olive Oil

Heat about 1-2Tb olive oil over med hi heat in your skillet. Combine flour, season salt & pepper. Dredge your round steak in the flour mixture & fry in olive oil til golden brown on each side.

Gravy - I use less than 1/4c flour (there is no set amount) & sprinkle it over the remaining oil & drippings in the pan from the fried round steak. Stir the flour into the oil & drippings & let it "fry" for a minute or so. Add desired amount of milk to skillet, & heat till bubbly, turn to low & stir constantly till lumps are gone & gravy has thickened.  Season according to your taste w/ salt & pepper.

I am a horrible gravy maker- with exception of Sausage Gravy. I firmly believe that the best gravy comes from the best seasoned drippings. And last night's gravy left me begging for more!

After dinner, I had to can up some pears before they went bad. A friend gave me a bucketful. They were perfectly ripe & yellow, ready to be canned. Time has been running out on me lately so I had to make it work last night to finish them up. Then it was time for bed.

My sweet husband washed & folded the kids' laundry & shelled out the remaining seed beans while he watched tv last night. Now, time to get breakfast ready, costumes ready (we have costume day at the Little Gym), and find time to remember, let alone put on, some eyeliner!

Have a great week!

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