Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tupperware Opportunities

Just saying - if you are looking to clean up your pantry at wholesale prices or if you are looking to make some extra cash for Christmas, this is the opportunity for you. This field is WIDE OPEN! I love my other biz, but there is little competition in this area for Tupperware consultants.

Not only that, but Tupperware is a brand name- just like Kleenex - everyone knows Tupperware. 90% of households have Tupperware in their home.

Right now Tupperware has this great start up plan for only $50, PLUS they are offering a 3 payment plan - but offer ends soon! I have been signed up for just 3 weeks & I have already won 5 fab prizes worth at least $100! Free pasta maker, free mini pie maker, free egg slicer, free kids' tumbler & more!! Plus I was given a coupon to get Quaker Healthy Heart Cereal (single serving) by the case for free!

Tupperware also provides a great fundraiser program with a wide range of products from mom's stuff, lunch stuff & toys for the little ones - remember the Shape-O toy?

Can this get better! It does! I have already started building a wonderful team w/ my friends! If you want to join up w/ my team- my director will be happy to chat w/ you about the opportunities on a 3 way conference call & even throw in a gift for free - no obligation! 

Email me at if you would like to hear more about Tupperware!

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