Monday, August 6, 2012

Tupperware Stack Cooker, Dump Cakes & Black Russian Cake (sinful!)

Doesn't everyone have that one cake that is just pure bliss? You only make it a few times thru the year, but you wake up in the morning & start eating it straight from the pan w/ your morning coffee... um, no, of course I wouldn't do that - But my wonderful grandmotherly babysitter taught me that eating cake for breakfast is not for kids! I was happy to go to college & therefore old enough to eat cake for breakfast! Love & miss you Carol!

With my new Tupperware kit, I received a gorgeous purple Stack Cooker. I haven't used it much, just not sure what to do w/ it till now. I started looking over the TW biz site & found several recipes for it - cakes (which of course caught my eye) and browning hamburger.... I will be trying out new recipes for it & posting them accordingly. Here is the link to check out the Stack Cooker on my website.

At my Open House yesterday, I showed my guests how easy it is to make a cake in this contraption. 10 min & my Black Russian Cake was ready to be "frosted".  I used to make about 10-15 of these cakes every year when in high school & sold to my mom's friends for their holiday gatherings.

Black Russian Cake -
This is from a McCune Brooks Hospital fundraiser cookbook circa 1980 something...

1 deep chocolate cake mix
1 sm package instant chocolate pudding mix
2 t cinnamon
3/4 c coffee (if you forgot to make it ahead of time & it is hot, add it in at the very last)
4 eggs
1/4 c vodka
1/4 c Kahlua
1 c oil

2 TB coffee
2 TB Kahlua
2 TB Creme de Cocao liqueor
1 c powdered sugar

Mix all cake ingredients together. If you are using hot coffee, I add it at the very last. Pour into greased bundt pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 min. Let cool 10 min, invert onto platter. Punch holes into cake. Spoon icing into holes & drizzle over top. 

 - OR your TW Stack Cooker w/ insert in middle (making it a bundt cake). Place lid on & bake in microwave 9-11 min. All depends on your microwave how long you cook it - mine took 10 min. Invert onto platter when done. Punch holes into cake w/ round spoon handle or other kitchen thing you can find. You want a hole about 1/4" around. Spoon icing into holes & drizzle over top.

First - if you eat this cake warm - omg! This  is so good! If you eat it the first day, plan on getting a little buzz. If you eat it the days after (if there is any left) YUMMO! I prefer the first day, but I have been told others like it better after a day or so. Yes there is alcohol in it so be cautious how much Little Johnny eats.

Of course, I am a cake eater. I love my cakes. I love the bean pot dump cakes because they are so easy PLUS they come out hot & frosted & just begging for some ice cream! What is a bean pot dump cake - well bean pot dump cake is a regular cake mix batter - mixed according to directions w/ a can of frosting all dumped into a bean pot. Lid on, microwave 9-11 min & voila Lava Cake or dump cake.

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