Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bean Pot Egg Casserole

Today is a holiday - a day of rest, right. Nope, not here. I haven't told Cooper that either! His parents are coming over for breakfast (mainly so his dad can help us move our hutch), then I am making the Texas Sheet cake (see brownie mix recipe posted a while back), and need to finish working up peaches - didn't get that done yesterday, and then relax for some fireworks tonight. So, lazy day at the Snyders! ha ha

My friend Sara & her friends made this amazing Egg Casserole on Saturday at our Vineyards Crop. I almost died it was so yummy! I begged her to post it on my Homemade By Billie FB page so I could share it with the world. I will be making this for breakfast. Instead of fajita mix, I will be adding fresh zuc, maybe some squash, and a green pepper, all from our garden. 

I will be making some biscuits too - the frozen Pillsbury kind cause they are the best - just so we can eat some jam. 

Sara's Egg Casserole!

Okay, so here is the recipe for the breakfast casserole. I used a combo of a couple I found online. And of course it can be adapted to whatever your personal preference of that of your family is for omelet ingredients. I will pretty much list what we put in the one for the crop!

6 eggs
2 cups milk - I prefer less.
2 slices of bread, cubed/torn/crumbled/ninja'd (food processor)
breakfast meat, browned and drained (recipe called for sausage, which I am not a fan of, so I used ham. It also calls for a pound, I did not use this much either time I have made this)
1 cup shredded cheese
1/2 bag fajita mix, browned or sweated
1 can mushrooms, browned or sweated
Combine and stir all ingredients in the bean pot
Microwave for 15 minutes or until eggs are done.

First time I made it, I sweated the fajita mix and mushrooms in the bean pot in microwave and then drained them. I mixed eggs and milk together in bean pot to get nice and whipped and frothy and then added back in the meat, veggies and mushrooms. Then added the cheese and cooked in microwave. First time I didn't cook the meat first and did have some liquid come out around the eggs, so I do recommend cooking the add in ingredients first. This can really be adapted to whatever you like. It comes out like an omelet, but all cooked at once so your family can all eat together. I also have made it with more eggs so that it would feed more people. Enjoy!!!!

Needless to say we will eat good this morning. Josey LOVES his eggs - not as much as he loves bacon. Last night I tried to tell him his pork chop was a hot dog. He didn't believe me. I am hoping he just wants to say hot dog because he can say it, not that he is getting ready to go on a hot dog binge... 

Well, time to mix things up in the bean pot. I will use my ninja to mince up the ham & then use it to beat up the eggs. Saves time. I love my ninja food processor- and it is the old style - not the kind you see today. Cooper knows I am trying to kill my ninja so I can get a blendtec... 

Happy 4th in case I don't post more today!  


Kat @ Inspiration CAN be Found Everywhere said...

I have a Vitamix - I love it. The only thing is it doesn't fit under the cabinet - so double check the blendtec you want I think they have at least one that definitely fits under standard cabinets. I say that cause I use mine all the time - so its always on my counter.

Enjoy the 4th celebrations - don't work too hard

Billie Snyder said...

Oh, and this is easily made ahead - once everything is assembled in the bean pot - place in frig till ready to cook in microwave

Billie Snyder said...

HInts - if you cook your casserole & it is a bit runny from the veggies or meat, cook another minute w/ lid off. Should pull some of the moisture off. That is why food stays moist in the bean pot.

Also, I tend to use about 1-2 TB of milk per egg -so I like it a bit drier.