Thursday, September 6, 2012

Salsa Chicken - Bean Pot, Stack Cooker, Crock Pot

Tonight's menu is from the Crockin' Girls new cookbook - Crockin' Companion. I got one for myself & for my bestie. We know from past experience we have to get the other one any cool gift or gadget we come across for ourselves! It just works nicely that way!

Salsa Chicken - I have used this recipe a long time before Crockin' Girls came up w/ it with my Homemade Gourmet seasonings. I have used it on chicken, venison, pork - whatever meat I have on hand.

Do you know why I make this recipe? Because - 1) we have salsa leftover & no chips or 2) there is a jar of salsa in the frig that needs some love, or 3) I want some soft tacos!! :D

This is a difficult recipe - not really -

Salsa Chicken

Get out your bean pot, stack cooker, or crock pot. Place 4-6 frozen chicken breast or boneless chicken pieces in your cooking vessel of choice. Pour a jar of salsa over it. Put lid on. Cook it. Shred it. Eat it.

Yep that easy!

Bean pot - if chicken is frozen & cold, put cold bean pot in cold oven, turn on oven to 325 degrees. Cook approx 30-45 min, depending on size of chicken pieces.

Stack Cooker - cook in microwave appox 18-30 min depending on chicken pieces size. I personally get the chicken tenderloins or boneless thighs since they will cook faster.

Crock pot - low 5-6 hrs, or high for 4 hrs.

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